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Adventures In Baby Sign with Marcie Paige | Baby Sign Language

Bridge The Gap Between Baby Babble & Spoken Words

Learn how to use baby sign language to unlock early language skills, reduce communication frustration, and enjoy less fussing and crying.

Your Baby is Trying to Tell You Something, They Just Don't Have The Words Yet!

Does any of this sound like you?

I thought I would intuitively know what my baby needed. Nope! I make myself crazy trying to figure out why my baby is fussy.”

“Last week I started my son on solids. What a gong show! He refuses to open-up, keeps tossing his food on the floor, and then cries when I put him down from the table. Ugh! I’m SO confused.”

“My daughter had a complete meltdown the other day because I gave her the wrong color cup. WTH?! Her attitude is out-of-control.”

“I’m really struggling to understand what my son wants. I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and even snapping at my husband!”

Then it’s time to get you + your baby sharing the same language so you can calm the chaos, regain control, and begin parenting with ease, confidence, and grace.

I want to show you how fun + natural it is to teach your child how to communicate their wishes before they learn to talk. (Less crying, fewer tantrums, and more peaceful playdates with close friends who are grateful for some adult conversation and literally can’t wait for you + your little-one to arrive!)

Baby Sign Language Educator. Whole Foods & Fitness Advocate. Organization Junkie. Aspiring Minimalist

I work with new moms who are secretly worried about not knowing what to do when baby cries + feeling overwhelmed about “doing it alone” after dad returns to work.

I use a swirly blend of baby sign language, early language development + mindfulness to help parents calm the chaos, regain control, + get over the fear of not doing everything right — while making each step feel like a playful adventure.

And when I’m not showing moms how to teach their baby sign language — you can find me in the kitchen batching paleo freezer meals, binge-watching the latest Netflix TV drama series, or sipping on a seasonal Starbucks latte while mapping out my next business project.

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