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Adventures In Baby Sign with Marcie Paige | Baby Sign Language


I am a baby sign language educator + early communication strategist for new moms who are secretly worried about not knowing what to do when baby cries & feeling overwhelmed about “doing it alone”.

If you are a stressed-out mom wanting to savour life as a new parent with ease, confidence, and grace…

Then you’re in the right place!

I use a swirly blend of early language development & mindfulness to help parents calm the chaos, regain control, and get over the fear of not doing everything right — while making each step feel like a playful adventure.

Clients I have worked with told me “We never really went through the terrible two stage!” and shared stories like “My child was calmer + more content!” and “I was surprised my 14 month old could tell me (with sign language) his friend needed help.”

Helping babies and toddlers feel seen, heard and understood makes me so proud and drives everything I do.

And when I’m not teaching classes — you can find me in the kitchen batching paleo freezer meals, binge-watching the latest Netflix TV drama series, or sipping on a seasonal Starbucks latte while mapping out my next business project.

Jenev C.

What a great program!!! I just finished the first lesson… it only took about 5 minutes and the sheets are so helpful!

Betsy O.

Having your daughter show the sign is especially helpful!

Jessica L.

I was impressed my son could tell me his friend needed help!

Curious to know more?

Here are 3 things most people don’t know about me…

I’m also a podcast coach & producer. I handle all the nitty gritty details of my clients podcast production so they can focus solely on being creative and recording episodes! Thinking about starting a podcast? Learn more HERE.

I love personality tests. They give so much insight into how we see the world, why we make the decision we do, and how we feel about ourselves and others. Here are my results:

I’m addicted to lattes, dark chocolate and beeswax candles!

Your baby is trying to tell you something, they just don’t have the words yet!

Avoid the frustration of NOT knowing what your baby wants!

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