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The One Thing Better Than Hearing Your Baby’s First Word

Hearing you’re baby’s first word is EXCITING!

But, there’s one thing better.

Hold up… what?! Let me explain.

When my husband was at work I would spend all day saying ‘mama’ to my daughter because I really didn’t want her first word to be ‘dada’…hehe… (don’t judge, you know you do it too!!).

And of course I felt super special when my daughter said it back. (and I’m still proud of it!)

A baby can learn to repeat any simple word if they hear enough times – but do they really understand what they are saying? I’d say sometimes yes… and sometimes no… it really depends on the context you’re using it and how old your child is.

What really gave me a rush was the first time my daughter SIGNED to me…

It was nursing time, so I picked her up and got my pillow. As soon as I sat her on my lap she plastered a big grin on her face and signed ‘MILK’.

This was a special day. She didn’t need me to coach her to sign it. She understood exactly what was coming and she was excited to get it!

My daughter was connecting with me in a meaningful way – and I instantly felt confident that what I was giving her (and me) was a very special gift – early communication.

I common misunderstanding is that baby’s lack the understanding of language. And the truth is, I probably would have been one of those parents if I hadn’t signed with my daughter, and hadn’t given her the opportunity to express herself through sign language.

I finally realized that babies and toddlers can understand much more then what they have the ability to express through words.

I continued to sign with my daughter everyday and by the time she was 2 years old she was signing over 100 words.

I want the same quality of communication and connection for you and your baby. If you’re ready to start signing with your baby, check out my signature program: Adventures In Baby Signing.

Thanks for being here!

Marcie Paige

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