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Stop Playing The Guessing Game – How to Solve Your Baby’s Problem Quickly

When you decide to become a parent, you dream about chubby cheeks, cuddles on the couch, and soft giggles. What we are NOT prepared for are the sleepless nights, obsessive crying and constant ‘guess what I need?!’ attitude we receive from our new bundle of joy.

As a parent, we are hard-wired to nurture our children in any way we can. So when our baby is upset and frustrated we want to do whatever we can (as quick as we can) to solve their problem.

The first thing we do is work through the most likely solutions…

We feed them, change them, rock them, rub their back… find them a toy, read a book, take them for a walk or put them down for a nap… whewwww! That’s exhausting.

After a while, we figure out the problem (or at least we think we have since the crying has stopped), but it often takes several tries to get it right, and during the process, your baby continues to get upset, and YOU are getting more FRUSTRATED!

WHY? because we are guessing at what our child wants and we often get it wrong.

By the time you get through the 100-step process and solve your child’s problem, you feel frustrated and tired.

How would you like to feel confident that you were providing the best solution – on the first try?

That’s where baby sign language comes in.

Baby sign language provides you with an easy way to understand your baby’s cues without having to play the guessing game.

Fun fact! All babies have the ability to communicate with you through sign language, 1-2 years before they learn to talk.

Sound too good to be true? I know you’ve seen it. Each time a baby waves ‘bye-bye’ or blows a kiss!

Your child will happily communicate with you through sign language, rather than cry or throw a tantrum.

But don’t just take my word for it. Click here to check out real signing stories.

Here is a free digital guide to help you get started: “5 Magical Baby Signs” to help your little-one “ask” for what they need + be a much happier baby! Get it HERE.


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1 thought on “Stop Playing The Guessing Game – How to Solve Your Baby’s Problem Quickly”

  1. Love being able to communicate with my toddler in sign language. We started when he was 6 months and it was our first way of communicating. Now he mixes them and we get lazy, but we have a desire to keep it up because we can see how useful this is to have when they struggle to communicate with their words.

    Just singed up for your Top 10 Hand Signs ;)


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