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How To Get Sh*t Done When Your Baby Demands All Your Attention

There will be days, weeks or even months when your baby will demand ALL your attention. I’m talking every. single. second. he is awake!

There is no way around it. It’s normal.

For the first few weeks of baby’s life it’s important to wean into mamahood.

This means only doing what is absolutely necessary, so your body (and mind!), has a chance to adjust to sleepless nights, endless diapers and new routines.

But there comes a day when you NEED to figure out how to fit Laundry, Meals and Housework back into your schedule! *yuck*

So how do you get sh*t done when your baby is doing everything possible to sabotage your good intentions?

Here is a 2-step process that worked for me:

1st step: Make sure you stay rested.

This way when you get a free moment you’ll have the energy to ‘get-it-done’ quickly! If your baby is young then he will be taking 2-3 naps per day.

  • During his first nap of the day, YOU SLEEP TOO!
  • During his second nap of the day, GET SH*T DONE!
  • During his 3rd nap of the day, RELAX! You’ve earned it :)

*When you are rested and focused you can get A LOT done in a short period of time. And if you are getting the important stuff out-of-the-way while baby is sleeping, you avoid feeling guilty for not accomplishing as much when he’s awake.

2nd step: During your ‘get-sh*t-done’ time, you should tackle your most important tasks. These are tasks that you NEED to get done during that day, OR tasks that will make you FEEL good when you’ve accomplished it.

My top 3 tasks for the day were:

  • Washing/drying laundry (who cares if it gets folded as long as it’s clean!).
  • Prepare for supper (chop and place veggies in a pot with water. When supper time comes around you just have to turn the stove on).
  • Sweep the kitchen and living room (I always felt more relaxed when I was snuggled on the couch or floor with my baby and I didn’t see dust bunnies and dirt all over the place!).

*An important note: you’re not actually going to get it ALL donejust the stuff that matters :)

There, that’s it!

It’s not complicated and you can start today.

To getting sh*t done,

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6 thoughts on “How To Get Sh*t Done When Your Baby Demands All Your Attention”

  1. Such great advice Marcie! I never slept when my little guy napped probably because he rarely ever did, lol! I always felt guilty for sleeping, like I should be doing something else–cooking, cleaning, etc. Looking back, however, I definitely would have been a happier mama if I had taken advantage of the time to relax instead of feeling like I had to get EVERYTHING done all the time. Your system is super practical and if I ever decide to have another small fry, I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

    1. I totally get you! Moms (myself included) always feel the need to do-it-all. But we need to be rested if we want to handle the late nights and crying fits without getting upset and frustrated.

  2. My little ones are preprimary age now, however it would’ve been nice to read something like this just to know I wasn’t the only one struggling to get my sh*t done!

  3. Where were you when my 3-yr old was a baby!! Love the reminder to relax. Sadly my little one is down to one or zero naps (depending on mood). But I remember really appreciating the nap times when she was still taking regular naps.

  4. Nice simple and clear instructions! New mamas need this. Now I just wish it was this easy with TWO kidlets!! I think once you have two kids shit just doesn’t get done….. lol!

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