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How To Avoid A Meltdown When You Don’t Know What Your Toddler Is Saying

As you probably already know I’m a HUGE fan of baby sign language and the massive benefits it has to offer. It’s how I’ve avoided 90% of potential meltdowns in my home.

But baby sign is not for everyone.

And even though I signed with my girls A LOT, there were still times they would come to me really determined to tell me something, but I wasn’t able to understand them because they didn’t know the right sign.

So how do you avoid a meltdown from your toddler when you don’t understand what they are saying?

When I had NO idea what my daughter was jabbering about I would say ‘show me’ – and then I would pick her up and say ‘point to where you want me to go.’

She would then lead me around the house to her desired destination.

Usually it was something simple like she wanted a book that was too high for her to reach, a toy that was stuck under something else or a cover she couldn’t open.

For your child to learn the spoken language, it’s really important to talk to them (as much as possible!).

So I’d take it one step further. Whenever I figured out what she needed help with, I would always ask her a question, ‘Do you want me to open that box for you?’ and of course she would smile and nod *happy mommy, happy kid*.

We’ve all been in a situation where our toddler is lying on the floor in a frustrated, hot mess.

I hope this tip helps you to avoid a few frustrating situations! I know it did for me.

Until next time.

Much love and support,



3 thoughts on “How To Avoid A Meltdown When You Don’t Know What Your Toddler Is Saying”

  1. Love this tip! It’s actually something I started with my son as soon as he started walking to combat his more whiny periods and it worked wonders. These days he’s pretty verbal, but it’s great to use even now when he can’t quite find the language or when my brain isn’t quite calibrated to baby speak.

  2. Great post Marcie!! I sure wish you were around when mine were tots trying to communicate to me. You really take the “error” out of ‘trial & error’! Great work!!

  3. Hi Marcie –
    You are so right. This is a great tool to have in the mom toolkit. Before long, you no longer have to say “show me,” they just automatically know what to do. It’s great.
    Hope you are well!

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